Dr. Silvester: “Okay, we’re sitting here with Miranda and she just had the experience of an ingrown toenail surgery, and she’s had previous episodes. So tell us about your previous episode Miranda.”

Miranda: “I’ve had ingrown toenails my whole life and I went last Friday to have one removed at the urgent care and experienced the worst pain of my life.”

Dr. Silvester: “Really, why was that?”

Miranda: “When I got the shot, I could feel every single thing and even after my toe was “numb” I could feel every cut and every pull.”

Dr. Silvester: “Okay, so what was your experience like here?”

Miranda: “I hardly felt the shot at all. My toes were completely numb and I feel no pain whatsoever.”

Dr. Silvester: “Alright, great, that’s all we need to know. What I told you is right. We use a lot of tricks to keep our nail surgeries painless and here’s proof. Thanks Miranda.”

Miranda: “Thank you.”