I am a 58-year old male who discovered he had diabetes. Over the last 3 to 4 years I have had problems with infections and ulcers, especially on my left foot. The loss of feeling, particularly in the left foot made it impossible for me to feel when something was wrong.In August, 2005 Dr. Darren J. Silvester talked to me about a procedure to improve the situation. Dr. Silvester has treated me for the last few years and I value his advice. He performed a test to see if the procedure would help and soon after he performed the surgery.I went into this with a lot of hope and two weeks later the results exceeded my wildest dreams. During the first examination he touched the bottom of my foot and it tickled! I haven’t had that much feeling in a very long time.I would like to thank Dr. Silvester and his wonderful staff, I cannot say enough about their caring and concerned approach to my health and wellbeing. Dr. Silvester has my full approval to show or use this letter in any manner he thinks will help others, and I can be reached…if anyone wishes to contact me.

BM – Floresville