How to Remove Corns Safely and Permanently

“Hi, this is Dr. Silvester and I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite things to take care of. A lot of times, we’ll have patients who come to see us and they’ll have little painful – what they call a “corn”, but really what it is, is just a callus that’s kind of nucleated and has a little depth to it – in between their toes. Those are pretty fun to take care of because there’s a lot of different things you can do for them.

Conservatively, you can wear spacers, you can trim the callus down, you can use silicone toe caps to provide some relief. The fun thing, for me, the most rewarding thing to do is to have a little procedure done because it really takes care of the problem. It’s a really minimally invasive procedure. The patients usually heal very quickly.

I’ll give you an example. I had a lady come in recently – she had a corn between her toes for about eight months. She worked at the Toyota plant and she had to wear steel-toed shoes and it was always bothering her. So she came in one Friday, we did the procedure, and I don’t recommend this, but she went back to work Monday, and subsequently had a great experience. She had a little pain but not too much. She was able to do pretty much whatever she needed to do to stay at work and not lose any time off. I saw her a couple weeks later. The corn was gone completely and the toe had healed up. It was still a litte sore, of course – it’s kind of like stubbing your toe, and so it’s sore for a few days. Regardless, it went very well and that’s usually the case with that procedure.

What you really need to do – the reason the corn forms is there’s little points on the bone, and these little points, or spurs if you want to call them that, if you just remove those, then the corn disappears. You do that with a little, tiny incision, right here in the office, no big expenses involved, and the patients can usually return to work very quickly, without having to interrupt their life cycle very much.

For me, it’s one of the most rewarding things to take care of. Thank you!”