What Are the Specifications of the MLS Laser? 

The MLS Laser is a Class IV Laser , which uses multiple synchronized diodes.   It features 2 wavelengths: 808 nanometers and 905 nanometers, located in the infrared spectrum.  They are invisible to the eye, but can be seen using a cell phone camera. The 808 wavelength is for inflammation, and is long lasting.  The 905 wavelength is analgesic and fast acting.  Together, these wavelengths are very effective.   The MLS wavelengths combine and synchronize the 808nm and 905nm in a unique and proprietary way.  The MLS wave form is patented. The laser can penetrate 3cm to 5cm deep and generates no heat.  Also, there are no known harmful effects.

Can MLS Laser Therapy Be Used Over Medical Implants Or Metal? 

Yes, MLS Laser Therapy is a treatment using light.  No heating is involved with the surgical or metal implants.  It can be used safely with no side effects.  In addition,  it is extremely effective for post-operative wound healing.

Can MLS Laser Therapy Be Used In Conjunction With Other Forms of Treatment? 

Yes, MLS Laser Therapy is sometimes more effective when combined with other forms of therapy, including physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, soft tissue mobilization, electrotherapy, and following surgery.

How Long Does the MLS Laser Treatment Take? 

The typical course of treatment is 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.  Treatments are typically received 2 to 3 times per week.  Treatment plans are determined on an individual basis.

What Does MLS Laser Therapy Have Over Other Forms of Therapy? 

It does not require the use of drugs or surgery, there are no known side effects, and it is quick / convenient.  Studies have shown that it si equal to or more effective than other forms of physical therapy.  These studies have performed at many prestigious institutions including Harvard University.

What Happens if I Get All the MLS Laser Treatments and I Am Not 100% Better? 

Throughout treatment the Doctor will reevaluate your progress to make any necessary changes to the treatment protocol for maximum results.  After the 12th treatment the Doctor will evaluate your overall progress and discuss your options at that time.

How Many MLS Laser Treatments Is It Going to Take For Me to Feel Better? 

Most patients report a positive change within the first 2-3 treatments, but because everyone reacts differently, I cannot say for sure.  This does not necessarily mean you will be 100% better, it could be a simple improvement, such as a trip to the grocery store was not as painful.  For some more chronic conditions it may take up to 6 visits to feel the benefits of laser therapy.

Am I Going to Feel Anything During My MLS Laser Treatment? 

There is little or no sensation during the treatment.  There is no pain associated during laser application.  Laser treatment is relaxing and some people even fall asleep.

What is the MLS Laser Actually Doing For Me? 

Our laser has 4 main effects that it is actually doing for you.  The first is an Analgesic effect, which gets rid of the pain.  It changes the way the no-ciceptors perceive the pain. The second and third are Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Edema effects. It improves vascular and lymphatic circulation resulting in reduced inflammation and swelling. The fourth is a Therapeutic effect. The laser accelerates cellular reproduction and growth, which results in faster healing.

FAQ: MLS Laser Therapy

What Type of Training Do You Need to Be a MLS Laser Technician? 

To be a Technician, you must go through a certification-training course with a laser specialist that has experience administering 1000s of patient protocols.

What Does MLS Stand For?  FAQ: MLS Laser Therapy

MLS stands for Multi-Wave Locked System. The MLS Therapy Laser treats pain, inflammation, and arthritis.