Can you get a bone spur on the top of your foot? 

Yes, you most certainly can get a bone spur on the top of your foot. Although somewhat less common than heel spurs or pump bumps, bony bumps on the top of the foot may or may not cause pain. Typically they’re uncomfortable if shoes squeeze or press against them, or if they’re blocking a joint. They might be more trouble if they press on a nerve, contribute to corns, or cause ulcers. You develop top of the foot bumps for multiple reasons. It could be excess tissue growth from arthritis in your big toe or another joint. It could be that your foot didn’t heal well after a fracture or a dislocation. As you get older, little spots of extra bone can simply pop up. Serious diseases like bone infections or tumors could be behind the lump as well, though this is uncommon. Let Dr. Darren Silvester and the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic team in Pleasanton, TX, help you deal with any foot bumps. Call (210) 375-3318 or use our online request tools to contact us. What caused my bone spur to form? FAQ: Bone Spurs What causes bone spurs depends on where they are. Bone spurs are extra growths of hard tissue that develop under repeated pressure and friction, so anything that strains a bone could encourage a spur to form. Arthritis is a common culprit, along with chronically tight or swollen tendons. When your arthritic bones grind together, the friction can create bumps near or in the joints. Condition like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, which involve a tight connector pulling on the bone, are common sources of spurs on your heels. Many spurs don’t cause problems and may even go unnoticed. If a bony bump is painful or causing stiffness, however, you’ll need to have it cared for. Let Dr. Darren Silvester at in Pleasanton, TX, know about any bumps on your lower limbs. Our staff can help you with your foot health. Call (210) 375-3318 or send us a request for an appointment through our website.