I feel like I’m walking on a ball. It hurts more with shoes on. Should I see a Podiatrist? 

There’s a particular condition on the ball of the foot that afflicts women mostly over 40 years old.  The pain comes from the area just next to the big toe joint.  The complaint is often of feeling like “walking on a ball.” It hurts more without shoes on.   This type of pain can happen in conjunction with the 2nd toe starting to separate from the 3rd toe.  If left undiscovered and untreated, a tear can occur requiring surgery as the only option.  We’ve had many patients need surgery for this condition because they simply waited too long to see a specialist.   WHAT YOU CAN DO @ HOME

Wear shoes or sandals with a cushioned soleDon’t go barefootAvoid exercises that put pressure on this areaUse ice and an over-the-counter anti-inflammatoryDon’t waste money on over-the-counter pads or inserts


Comprehensive Foot Exam to determine the exact location of the painX-Ray to determine if a bone or joint problem existsRecommend the easiest and fastest solutionEducate you on long-term preventionOrder an MRI if a tear is suspectedUse Ultrasound Technology to see condition of nerve and joints.

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Capsulitis in the feet is an inflammation of the ligaments surrounding the toe joints, most often seen in the second two digits. The main reason for the condition is excessive force to the forefoot, causing sharp or aching pain with any pressure or movement in the ball of the foot and base of the toes. Eventually, the toe will start to drift out of alignment. If this occurs, it is too late for conservative treatments—surgery will be necessary to reposition or shorten the bone. To avoid a surgical procedure, you must catch the condition in its early stages and treat it with rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicine. You can also try stretches, taping, splinting, shoe modifications, and inserts. Only if these all fail, or the condition goes on too long, will surgery have to be performed. If you are experiencing toe pain and swelling, come see us at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic. Nip the problem in the bud by calling 210.375.3318 or visiting our Universal City, TX, location to make an appointment with Dr. Darren Silvester.

Why does the ball of my foot hurt? 

Pain in the ball of your foot can come from many things, but one common cause is sesamoiditis. This is inflammation in the tiny sesamoid bones underneath your big toe. Typically it stems from overuse—either too many repetitive hard impacts, or insufficient conditioning in your limbs. This causes a painful problem that gets worse over time and is particularly affected by activity. If you have a burning or aching discomfort in the big toe area of the ball of your foot, especially if it developed gradually, you may have this condition. Sesamoiditis doesn’t get better without treatment, and it can limit your walking and running if it becomes uncomfortable enough. A little conservative care can help rectify the problem, though. Let Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX, know if you have ball of the foot pain. Our staff will help you restore your limbs. Call (210) 375-3318 or send us a request through the website to make an appointment.