What is the Sharp, Shooting Pain on the Side of my Ankle? 

Your sharp, shooting pain on the side of the ankle could be a few different conditions. If it hurts the most along the outside of the joint, it may be peroneal tendon dislocation. You have two tendons that run down the outside of your lower leg, behind the bump on the side of your ankle, and attach to the side of your foot. They are held in place behind that bump by a ligament sheath. However, if that ligament is damaged by an ankle sprain, or if the groove behind the bone is too shallow, the tendons may dislocate and snap forward painfully.

This condition needs intentional treatment to avoid tearing or permanently damaging the tendons. Let Dr. Darren Silvester here at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX, help you manage your pain and restore your ankle. Call (210) 375-3318 or use the online request form to reach our office.