Everything You Need to Know About Bunion Surgery

“Hello, my name is Amelia and I am a patient of Dr. Silvester. The reason I came into the doctor is because I work 12 hours a day and I’m constantly on my feet and I wear heavy work boots. I started experiencing a little pain to both of my feet, on my left and my right. I did feel rubbing on my boot, which caused a little bit of swelling, a little bit of tingling pain, and I started noticing redness appearing on the bone, on the outer part of the skin. I came in, had an x-ray done, the doctor did tell me that I had some bunions, so that’s when I decided to go ahead and have surgery. The doctor did recommend that I do one foot first and I waited about a hear and I came back for the second surgery, which I’m doing great and recovering.

The pain that I experienced during my bunion surgery was a little bit of tingling, a little bit of throbbing, which is all normal due to the pins and procedures that I had done. 

For my post-op recovery, I need to put some ice packs, as recommended by the doctor, for the swelling, still keep my foot elevated for a couple more weeks or so, unless you can tolerate the pain in walking. I do use my crutches for assistance and I also use my boot that was provided by the doctor’s office to help protect the wound while I still have the stitches and the pins in my foot. I took care of myself, at home. I prepared myself ahead of time, I planned ahead – went and bought TV dinners, put them in the microwave, and I’m surviving and each day I keep growing stronger, getting better, and healing.”

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