We understand how confusing surgery, insurance, and the associated costs can be.  For surgery in any facility, you will have three billers:  the Physician performing the surgery, the Facility you are going to, and the Anesthesiologist. 

Your phyisician’s office will bill your insurance on behalf of your surgeon.  If you have any questions regarding physician fees, please contact your surgeon’s office

Olympia Surgery Center will bill your insurance because it is the facility where your surgery is being performed.  AllianceMed’s Patient Choice Department is contracted to do our facility billing.  If you have any questions, you can call AllianceMed toll-free at 877.415.8682.

Tejas Anesthesia will bill your insurance for anesthesia.  Anesthesiologists bill insurance according to the type of anesthesia required, complexity of the case being done, and the length of time the procedure takes.  For any questions, call Tejas Anesthesia at 210.615.1187.