We have some helpful information to make your experience with us pleasant and comfortable.  Once your surgery date is set, you will have two pre-surgery phone calls:  Insurance and Pre-Op Admissions.

Insurance Call:  1-2 days after your case is scheduled at our facility.

We will work with you during this process to ensure that all insurance requirements are met prior to your surgery day.  We have contracted with AllianceMed to handle the processing of all insurance claims for your facility fee only.  Alliance Med’s Patient Choice Department will contact you to review your insurance benefits and how they can be applied toward your upcoming surgery.  They will go over the necessary forms that need filled out and any fees that are due on surgery day. Alliance Med will be calling you from a toll free 877-number so please answer even if the number isn’t familiar to you.  

Admissions Call:  1-2 business days prior to surgery.

We want a smooth surgery day.  An Olympia Surgery Center Registered Nurse will call you a few days before your surgery date to go over your medical history, pre-op instructions and answer any questions you may have.  Your arrival time will be somewhere between 7am and 1pm.  Exact time depends on the number of cases scheduled for that day, the type of procedure you are having done, and anethesia type required for your case.  You will not be assigned an exact arrival time until your Pre-Op call 1-2 days before surgery.  

Any admissions questions during this process should be directed to us at 210.257.8039.

Partnership with your Surgeon’s Office

Your physician’s office will provide you with your Lab Orders (if needed) and any specific instructions that you need to follow, including medication issues.  If an EKG is needed, it will be done the morning of your surgery.  All lab work must be completed within 30 days of the surgery and the results faxed to us 24 hours before the surgery date.  The clinic can answer any questions about the procedures being performed as well as post-op instructions and recovery time.  Please schedule your first Post-Op appointment with your surgeon in advance.