It May Be Rare, But That Foot Condition Can Be Treated

When something is rare, it can be hard to maintain. Think of a vintage, foreign sports car, or any of the unique paintings in the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, or even many of the artifacts in Pleasanton’s own Longhorn Museum. Not just anyone could restore or repair any of those items, but that doesn’t mean damage to them can’t be mended—you just need the proper treatment. The same is true of rare foot diseases. Although they are uncommon, rare foot problems can still be treated successfully when you get the right care.

There are many different foot issues that could be classified as rare disorders, but three in particular tend to worry parents: Kohler’s disease, Freiberg’s disease, and Maffucci syndrome. All three primarily affect children or teenagers. Kohler’s disease is a breakdown of one of the arch bones in preschool-aged children. Freiberg’s disease is a flattening in a metatarsal bone where it joins a toe, typically affecting young people in their teens. Maffucci syndrome is a problem with benign bone bumps growing that weaken the bone tissue and make it more prone to fractures. Usually symptoms appear around the time children start school.

Specific treatment options for rare disorders depend on the condition, but they do exist:

Kohler’s Disease – Supporting the arch alleviates pressure on the crumbling midfoot bone. Your child may need orthotics in his or her shoe for this. For more severe pain, a walking cast might help. We sometimes recommend child-safe anti-inflammatory medication, too. Freiberg’s Disease – Your teen will need to take a break from all hard-impact activities and reduce the pressure on the foot until it heals. Usually this means wearing a special orthotic, stiff-soled shoe, or even a cast. Only very severe cases need surgery. Maffucci Syndrome – Treatment options here depend on the symptoms. Your child will need to have his or her bones monitored. Your child might need special shoes to accommodate the bumps. Severe cases might require surgery.

Getting the treatment that you or your family needs when a rare condition is involved requires accurate diagnosis. Let Dr. Darren Silvester and our team at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in San Antonio, TX, help you. Make an appointment today by calling 210.375.3318, or by using our online request form.


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