5 Toe Exercises to Rehab High Arches

Back in 2007 Amy Winehouse may have sung about refusing rehab, but National Rehabilitation Week reminds us that rehab isn’t just for substance abuse—it’s a huge benefit to anyone struggling with physical pain or disability. National Rehabilitation Week is dedicated to highlighting how physical therapy can help alleviate your discomfort. If you struggle with side effects from cavus foot, this is good news.

Abnormally high arches can cause a variety of uncomfortable foot problems, from ball of the foot pain to heel issues. Toe conditions, like hammertoe and claw toe, are other common side effects, making it more uncomfortable to wear shoes and walk normally. Fortunately, some toe exercises can help you manage early-stage digital deformities and relieve some pain from your cavus foot. Here are a few basic ones you can try at home:

Towel Stretch – Sitting with your feet in front of you, loop a towel around the ball of your foot. Flex your foot, then gently pull back on the towel with your hands to stretch your toes. Bent-Knee Wall Stretch – Stand roughly a foot from a wall with your palms flat against it. Keeping your heels flat on the ground, bend both knees and lean your whole body forward slightly, using the wall to balance. Toe Squeeze – Stick your fingers between each of your toes. Squeeze your toes together as hard as you can for ten seconds, then relax and repeat. Toe Rolls – With your feet flat on the ground, raise just your toes up. Slowly lower your toes one at a time so they “roll” back down to the ground. Golf Ball Pick-Up – Using just your toes, try to pick up a golf ball from the ground and put it into a bucket. If this to too hard to start, use a wash cloth and marbles first.

These toe exercises work the small stabilizing muscles and connectors, building their strength and flexibility so they’re less likely to hurt and cause problems. You don’t have to let your cavus foot ruin your mobility or leave you uncomfortable. If you’re struggling with foot pain from high arches, let Dr. Darren Silvester and our Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic team in Pleasanton, TX know. See how we can help. Call (830) 569-3338 or send us an online request for more information or an appointment.


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