5 Tips to Avoid Common Running Injuries

It’s the right weather for running in Pleasanton, TX. Temperatures can range from the 50s to the 70s, and the days have a nice mix of sun and clouds. It’s a great time to be training for upcoming races, like the Alamo Run Fest on February 22, 2015, in San Antonio. This is a family-friendly event, with distances for just about everyone. Training is important for any kind of race, of course. It’s the best way to prepare and prevent common running injuries.

Running can cause many common injuries, from shin splints to Achilles tendinitis to heel pain. Typically these are overuse issues, so they are avoidable with the right equipment and the right conditioning. Here are a few simple ways you can prevent overuse problems and keep your lower limbs strong and pain-free on the run:

The Right Shoes – Make sure your running shoes fit correctly and have support where your lower limbs need it. Poorly-fitted shoes can chafe, leading to blisters and calluses, as well as contribute to biomechanical issues. The wrong type of shoe can alter your stride and contribute to overuse. Warm Up and Stretch Out – Make sure you warm up thoroughly before you go out for a run. Use dynamic stretches to prepare your muscles. When you’re done, take time to cool down and then stretch out so your muscles don’t tighten up as they cool. Cross-Train – Supplementary training in low-impact sports gives your feet time to recover from your run while working other muscles so you stay in shape. Add Strength – Sometimes feet just need to be stronger. Strength training can help boost foot stability and power. Condition with Time – Don’t rush into a new routine. Adjust to it slowly, so your feet have time to be conditioned for the unfamiliar strain without getting overworked.

Running is a great, healthy activity, and you can minimize injury risks with the right care. You don’t have to learn to live with injuries and pain when you’re active. If you’re struggling with common running injuries, let Dr. Darren Silvester and the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic staff help correct them. Contact our Pleasanton, TX, office for an appointment by calling (830) 569-3338 or by using the web request form.


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